Chicago Spring Wedding Portraits

Are you planning a spring wedding in the Chicago area? If so, you can enjoy portrait backdrops of spring flowering trees including several varieties Crabapple, Cherry Blossom, Lilac, Magnolia, and several others in our region.  Planning a date around peak tree blooming is tricky, since nature doesn't follow our human calendar, but generally the first couple weekends in May are a pretty safe bet.

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2016 Chicago Festivals & Events : Spring & Summer

Many of our couples and their guests at Creativo Loft and Wedding Creativo Photography ask us for ideas about fun things to do in Chicago.  So, we've made this handy guide for 2016 Chicago Festivals and Events. This guide is for spring and early summer.  Look for a new guide in a few months as we get into late summer and fall.  Have fun exploring Chicago and all of our wonderful city neighborhoods!


April Chicago Wedding Portraits with Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossom trees and Magnolia trees have a short window for us to enjoy in April every year. They are for sure a perk for couples choosing an early spring wedding date in Chicago.

Contact us for more information about traditional film coverage options for your wedding.

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Classic Black and White Film Photography : Wedding Rings

Black and white film is still, and will always be, a timeless and classic look for documenting weddings. At Wedding Creativo, we can provide the best of both worlds of digital and film coverage with our collection of modern and vintage profesional cameras.

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Cake Cutting at Adler Wedding

Joe and Lena have a bite of wedding cake with the fantasic Chicago skyline behind them during their wedding at the Adler Planetarium.  Click here to see more pictures from their lovely wedding day.

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Perks of a Winter Chicago Wedding

Yes, many people dread the Polar Vortex monster that sweeps through northern and Midwest states during winter, but if you are planning a December, January, or February wedding, there are some perks to embrace as well.

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Seven Chicago Winter Wedding Perks:

1. Early sunset and twilight between 3:30 - 4:30 p.m. means you can get beautiful twilight portraits, like the one shown above, well before your cocktail hour typically starts at 5:00 or 6:00 p.m.

2. Fancy coats, furs, shawls and other warming accessories can be warn during winter for not only practical reasons, but to also add variety to your winter wedding look.

3. Seasonal reduced rates are sometimes available at some venues and with some vendors and services that are not offered during warmer months.

4. Venues and vendors often have more available dates or have last-minute availability during this time of year compared to higher demand warmer months.

5. Cranberries, pinecones, poinsettia, holly, hot toddy, mulled wine, and other winter seasonal favorites make special appearances this time of year.

6. If you like snowy landscapes, there is plenty of it for your winter wedding portraits.

7. Close snuggles with your sweetheart to keep warm.


Happy Pride Week 2014

Happy Pride Week! Celebrating Marriage Equality in Illinois this year, 2014 Pride Week is extra special! We are so happy for all of our couples, and that in Illinois love is a human right for everyone. Cheers!